About us

WE'RE OBSESSED with design. Beautiful. Engaging. Effective. Clever. Fun. Obsessed with it. We love eye-catching packaging and print. Cool, smart web design. Quirky cereal boxes. We love it even more than we love sandwiches, and we really love sandwiches. Since we spend most of our time here on earth, we want to see great design everywhere. So we created Square Melon — to bring our passion to your brands and services. We deliver results without the headaches, red tape, or regret. We're powered by coffee, curiosity, and more than 40 years combined experience. We've got an appreciation for anything unique and different; and a bit of a weird thing for garden gnomes. But mostly, we're driven by our love for a different shape of design. Get a taste of what Square Melon can do for you.

What our clients really think...

“Creative. Smart. Hard-Working. Available. Responsive. Irreplaceable – My Team at Square Melon….” ~ Karen Celleri, President, Teluca Inc. “Simply the best! The Melon Heads make work fun - they love what they do and their spirit, creativity and true understanding of their client’s goals come through in every project they work on. #DynamicDuo” ~ Samantha Weinglass, Director of Event Marketing, Univision “Their artistry, their commitment to quality work, their ability to nail a timeline make them my go-to team. Their enthusiasm and love of their work make them a joy to collaborate with. Their love of the absurd is a bonus.” ~ Bonni Scepkowski, President, Stellar Meetings & Events “Their way of translating our thoughts about the beer, brewery and brand into powerful branding and graphic images has always been impactful to our business. Having a recognizable brand is important and we know we have been able to accomplish that through Square Melon.” John Merklin ~ President & Co-Founder, Beach Haus Brewery “The Melon Heads are passionate, fun, creative and extremely committed! They dig deep. In their pursuit of the aesthetic they always keep their focus on meeting my needs and expectations. They understand the client and their designs are by far the best I’ve seen. They are the best partners and I couldn’t imagine myself working with anyone else.” ~ Jeysa Plana, Senior Event Manager, Univision Communications Inc. “After a 10 year professional relationship, Square Melon continues to be one of my all-time favorite partners. They continue to creatively raise the bar, project after project and not only do they out-design all other design / print vendors I’ve worked with, but they also have the copy writing skills to back up their design skills. The approach and sense of humor they bring to each project is refreshing. I’ve never enjoyed working with another partner more.” ~ Jenny Stahl, Global Hospitality Events Management, Visa Inc. “You won't find another creative team quite like Square Melon! They are extremely creative, professional and possess a strong knowledge of consumer goods packaging. Not only do they exceed in quality, service and on time delivery, they are also a joy to work with!” ~ Giulia Giovanelli, Senior Product Manager, Canson Inc. “I have had the privilege to work with SquareMelon for nearly a decade and have continued to be surprised with how the team continues to out-do their creativity. Not only are they by far some of the most creative designers I know, they have a true understanding of company branding and how it needs to evolve per event. Whether it’s invitation designs or shoe designs, SquareMelon can do it all. I am very lucky to have them as partners as we tell our brand story.” ~ Paulina Ramirez Tapia, Senior Event Manager, Univision Communications Inc.

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